Sydney City Canyon Audio Walk

Haymarket, NSW, Australia; Sydney, NSW, Australia
Distance: 4 km
by Audrey Chang

Sydney's vibrant dining scene, golden sand and robust cultural venues draw visitors back again and again. This is a city that's constantly evolving, with new rooftop bars, theatre shows and designer shops popping up at every turn. Plus, with diverse destinations at its doorstep, Sydney is the perfect base for day trips and weekends away.

Sydney City Canyon Audio Walk - Cya On The Road

This Sydney City Canyon Audio Walk will take you to the classic buildings in Sydney's CBD (Central Business District) and tell you the stories behind them. Taking a stroll across the CBD is the perfect way to experience the Sydney locals' lifestyle!

If you see a nice cafe along the way, get a flat white and take a break. Whenever you are ready to go, just open the app again and continue the walking tour!

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