Feel The Australian Coffee Culture

Five Dock, NSW, Australia; Sydney, NSW, Australia; Summer Hill, NSW, Australia; Petersham, NSW, Australia; Leichhardt, NSW, Australia; Marrickville, NSW, Australia; Erskineville, NSW, Australia; Alexandria, NSW, Australia; Redfern, NSW, Australia; Surry Hills, NSW, Australia; Chippendale, NSW, Australia; Balmain, NSW, Australia
Est. 29.1km / 1 hr 50 mins / Map

The world is hooked on Australian coffee culture, and it's fairly safe to say Australian coffee is among the best in the world.

Feel The Australian Coffee Culture - Cya On The Road

As a result, when visiting Australia, you can't just leave without tasting it and experiencing the coffee scene that we are proud of. Well, unless you don't drink coffee at all, of course.

In this self-guided experience, you'll spend a couple of hours travelling to several suburbs and smell and drink the best coffee and feel about the Aussie culture at some of my personal favourite coffee spots.

I believe with the help of my local knowledge and the AI tour guide technology, you will have a fun day trip to experience the Aussie coffee culture.

I won't tell you when to depart and when to stop because you have total control over it and will proceed at your own pace.

Enjoy the best Australian coffee and the chance to meet locals. Have fun!

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