Explore Adelaide's Cultural Boulevard - North Terrace

Adelaide, SA, Australia
Est. 3.4km / 1 hr 41 mins / Map

If you want to discover the best of Adelaide's culture and heritage, there's no better way than to take a self-guided walking tour of North Terrace, the city's most elegant and historic boulevard.

Explore Adelaide's Cultural Boulevard - North Terrace - Cya On The Road

North Terrace is home to some of Adelaide's most iconic landmarks and attractions, from wine and art to gardens and architecture. You'll learn about the city's past and present, admire its beauty and charm, and enjoy its vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

This self-guided walking tour takes you to some of North Terrace's highlights, including the National Wine Centre of Australia. You can start and finish when you want and take as many breaks as you need. You'll also find plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants along the way to refresh yourself and sample some of Adelaide's culinary delights.

So grab your comfortable shoes and get ready to explore this amazing boulevard.

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