Canberra’s National Triangle: The Story of Australia’s Capital City

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How did Canberra become Australia's capital? It's a story of rivalry, compromise and vision. When Australia became a federation in 1901, the big question was where to put the seat of government. Sydney and Melbourne both wanted the honour, but couldn't agree. So they decided to find a neutral place at least 160km from Sydney, as required by the Constitution.

Canberra’s National Triangle: The Story of Australia’s Capital City - Cya On The Road

But finding that place was not easy. It took years of surveys, debates and inspections to choose from dozens of candidates. Among them were Dalgety, Bathurst, Orange, Albury and Bombala. But none could match the beauty and potential of Canberra, the land of the Ngunnawal people. Canberra was finally chosen in 1909 and officially named the capital in 1913.

Canberra is a sprawling city with many attractions to explore. But if you want to see the heart of Australian politics and culture, you should visit the National Triangle, also known as the Parliamentary Triangle, which contains some of Australia's most important and impressive buildings and monuments, such as Parliament House, Spy Headquarters and many other landmarks. The National Triangle is at the heart of Canberra's design and symbolism, reflecting the nation's vision and values.

Today, with this audio guide, you will see all the key buildings in Australia's national capital and hear the stories behind them. Join this self-guided audio tour and discover the secrets and history of Canberra's National Triangle. It's fun and informative!

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