Ambling Among Penguin’s Charms

Penguin, TAS, Australia
Est. 4.4km / 2 hrs 9 mins / Map

Welcome to our enticing seaside town with its quirky name. And no prizes for guessing how we got it.

Ambling Among Penguin’s Charms - Cya On The Road

Our rich history begins in the 1860s long after Tasmania was settled as a remote convict colony late in the 1700s after which timber and mining became our staple sea trade.

Today, Penguin’s coastal and serene charm with a unique collection of iconic penguin statues along the beachfront main street (named Main Road) invites you to make yourself at home. We are a treasure-trove of history, mystery and charms and certainly worth the leisurely stroll. Each nook and cranny has its own story, and Penguin has stories galore – like voices in the wind.

And there is much more to our little town than simply beachfront cafes and boutique shops. Where will our stories take you?

So please, do enjoy unravelling our history and mystery along our 3km walk. Our website 'Penguin Heritage Trail' can fill in the gaps for you.

Thanks to the 20 locals and visitors who agreed to voice our stories galore.

A special mention goes to 呂紹瑋 (Shao-Wei Lyu) and 安井康二 who helped translate the tour into Mandarin Chinese and Japanese and got our stories spread and heard by more people around the world.

This tour is available in multiple languages. Tap the author's profile image for details.

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