Looking At Canberra

Campbell, ACT, Australia; Canberra, ACT, Australia; Russell, ACT, Australia; Parkes, ACT, Australia; O'Connor, ACT, Australia; Red Hill, ACT, Australia; Capital Hill, ACT, Australia
Est. 31.7km / 1 hr 3 mins / Map

You're looking at Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory. Why Canberra? Lying before you is a scene dramatically different to the rural landscape of the Limestone Plains. This tour reveals the ambitions and frustrations of creating a national capital far from Australia's established cities, as well as a vast ongoing project of planning, landscape design and planting, construction and community building.

Looking At Canberra - Cya On The Road

From a government town planned for 75,000 people, Commonwealth and private builders and waves of new residents have created a city of more than 300,000, and a place of national and international significance. Canberra is an open-air planning museum, displaying an evolution from 'City Beautiful' and 'Garden City' ideas to 'sustainable environment development' thinking.

Looking from the hilltops reveals how planning has been carried out on a large scale, with the city, suburbs and towns carefully fitted into the beautiful landscape.

* This experience is based on the information from ACT Government's Canberra Tracks.

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