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Potts Point, NSW, Australia; Sydney, NSW, Australia
Distance: 570 metres (Map)

Kings Cross is one of the City’s most famous villages and the strip of plaques set in the pavement along Darlinghurst Road and its adjoining streets highlight some of its unique social history. It is not a list of the ‘big names’. It is history, collecting our stories to be passed on to the next generation of residents and visitors. These stories are not always glorious but they are indisputably interesting.

The Strip On The Strip - Sydney Culture Walks - Cya On The Road

It is also a reflection and celebration of the colour, diversity and wit of Kings Cross; the bohemians and artists, creatives and writers, all those hopefuls, with their dreams and aspirations. And achievements, of which there have been many.

So here it is, an accessible history on the pavement in about a thousand words. A history that could easily take 100,000 words. The broken lines of text symbolize that the story is only fragmentary, while the blank strips indicate that other stories could be added.

This audio tour adds to the stories, so take it with you when you go out into Darlinghurst Road and discover some of the fascinating history of Kings Cross.

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