Living History Audio Guide of Central Tilba

Central Tilba, NSW, Australia
Est. 641m / 37 mins / Map

Central Tilba is Australia's oldest cheese producer in the area.

Living History Audio Guide of Central Tilba - Cya On The Road

The village of Central Tilba established in 1894 with the aid of Samuel Bate after the establishment of the ABC cheese factory in 1891.

This Village grew.

Renowned for its well-preserved historic buildings.

famous for producers of local produce.

Enjoy this walk through the heart of Central Tilba on Yuin Country.

Hear the Cultural significance and the heritage of the people who built the village , explore specialist shops, restaurants, and cafes along the way.

This walk was developed by the Tilba Walks Heritage Walking Tours in

2018. It was recorded by Tilba Walks in the Deadwood Studios Corunna.

Hello welcome , make your way to the T intersection across the road.

Begin at the Meeting Spot signpost, on Bate Street and Corkhill Drive.

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