Mackay Heritage Discovery Walk

Mackay, QLD, Australia
Distance: 3 km (Map)

This audio walk has been designed to introduce you to aspects of Mackay’s architectural heritage and to generate a greater pride and enjoyment of the city by its citizens and visitors.

Mackay Heritage Discovery Walk - Cya On The Road

Mackay was named after John Mackay, whose pioneering spirit led him and his party from New England, NSW to discover the valley of the Pioneer River, which John Mackay originally named for his father in a few years, however, sugar became the dominant industry, thanks to the enterprising efforts of pioneers John Spiller, T. Henry Fitzgerald and John Ewen Davidson. More recently, the hinterland coal mining developments and the tourism industry have added to Mackay’s solid economic prosperity and confidence of the city are reflected in the fine older buildings which are highlighted in this walk. Many of our historic buildings were lost to devastating fires, to the notorious cyclone of January 1918 and sadly, to progress.

I hope you'll enjoy your Heritage Walk of Mackay!

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