Port Adelaide Heritage Audio Walk

Port Adelaide, SA, Australia
Est. 2.0km / 1 hr 36 mins / Map

Port Adelaide is a seaport city with a unique, salty tang to its environs.

Port Adelaide Heritage Audio Walk - Cya On The Road

It is the historic maritime heart of South Australia and home to some of the finest historic buildings in the State.

Officially established in 1840, only four years after the foundation of the State, Port Adelaide played an integral role in the colonial development of South Australia.

The first migrants though, wading through the mud of nearby “Port Misery”, had a daunting start to a new life in the fledgling colony. By the 1870s however, wharves were built, solid stone warehouses and homes were erected and signs of Port Adelaide’s prosperity were evident.

The Port has played host to the dashing sailing ships of yesteryear, steamships and, in recent times, sophisticated container and cruise ships.

Port Adelaide has retained many of its impressive 19th Century buildings, which, within the boundaries of Nelson Street, St Vincent Street, Todd Street and McLaren Parade, form the State’s first Heritage Area.

A treasure trove of South Australia's heritage awaits you in Port Adelaide and the best way to discover its delights is to walk the port and listen to the stories!

* This tour was inspired by the 'Walk the Port' brochure.

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