Discover the Hidden Gems of Croydon

Croydon, NSW, Australia; Sydney, NSW, Australia
Est. 4.0km / 2 hrs 1 min / Map

Are you ready for an adventure that will take you back in time and reveal the secrets of Croydon's past? Join us on the Croydon Heritage Walk, a self-guided audio tour that will show you the amazing heritage sites and buildings that have shaped this vibrant community.

Discover the Hidden Gems of Croydon - Cya On The Road

Before the Europeans came, Croydon was home to the Wangal people who lived in harmony with the land. But all that changed when the First Fleet arrived in 1788 and began a new chapter in Australia's history. As the colony grew from Sydney Cove to Parramatta, a rough track was cut through the Wangal territory, marking the future boundary of Croydon. This track became the main road of the Sydney metropolitan area and influenced the development of the region.

In 1855, the Sydney-Parramatta railway was built through Croydon, sparking a housing boom around Ashfield and Burwood stations. Croydon soon got its own station, but it was originally called Five Dock after a distant settlement. This caused some confusion, so in 1876 Ashfield Council renamed it Croydon, after a London suburb. Croydon is still part of both Ashfield and Burwood Councils.

Croydon has many heritage sites that tell fascinating stories of its history, such as the railway station, Shubra Hall and more. On this walk you will explore them all with the help of our audio guide. You will learn about the people who lived and worked here, the events that shaped them and the legacy they left behind.

And if you're feeling thirsty after your walk, why not treat yourself to a drink or two in one of the locals' favourite pubs. It's the perfect way to end your journey and celebrate your discoveries!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your shoes and headphones and let's take an audio-guided history walk! You'll be amazed at what you find!

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