Campbell Town Tas. Heritage Walk

Campbell Town, TAS, Australia
Est. 3.5km / 1 hr 29 mins / Map

Once one of the early coaching stops between Launceston and Hobart, Campbell Town is nestled on the banks of the Elizabeth River on the main road between Hobart and Launceston. The town has an impressive collection of colonial buildings from the Georgian era.

Campbell Town Tas. Heritage Walk - Cya On The Road

There are no fewer than thirty-five buildings in the Campbell Town district which have been listed on the National Estate. This gives some indication of the great historic importance and interest which exists in the area. The best way to enjoy Campbell Town is to wander and appreciate its charm and antiquity.

The town is a feast of delights for visitors. For people travelling from Hobart, the bridge is a good starting point. If you alight here and walk up into the town you can experience the antiquity and marvel at the buildings.

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