Bothwell Tas. Heritage Walk

Bothwell, TAS, Australia
Est. 29.3km / 1 hr 21 mins

Bothwell is an historic town laid out by surveyor Thomas Scott in 1824. The general character of the town is one of looseness, internal open spaces being important, with consistent architecture generally in good condition. It is an important agricultural settlement on the Clyde River, set in a modified landscape, surrounded by low naturally vegetated hills.

Bothwell Tas. Heritage Walk - Cya On The Road

As a classified historic town, Bothwell has 18 buildings classified by the National Trust and a further 34 listed. Important homesteads occur on the west side of the river. Bothwell has two village centres, with fine churches and cemeteries grouped about Queen's Square.

by Stephen Yarrow
Stephen is the editor of a number of websites about Australia, his home website being Pocketoz.

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