Great Western Tiers Drive, Tas.

Railton, TAS, Australia; Sheffield, TAS, Australia; Paradise, TAS, Australia; Nowhere Else, TAS, Australia; Barrington, TAS, Australia; Wilmot, TAS, Australia; Promised Land, TAS, Australia; Gowrie Park, TAS, Australia; Mount Roland, TAS, Australia; Lorinna, TAS, Australia; Liena, TAS, Australia; Mayberry, TAS, Australia; Central Plateau, TAS, Australia; Mersey Forest, TAS, Australia; Walls of Jerusalem, TAS, Australia; Caveside, TAS, Australia; Mole Creek, TAS, Australia; Chudleigh, TAS, Australia; Needles, TAS, Australia; Deloraine, TAS, Australia; Montana, TAS, Australia; Golden Valley, TAS, Australia; Liffey, TAS, Australia; Meander, TAS, Australia
Distance: 595 km (Map)

The Great Western Tiers are a collection of World Heritage listed mountain bluffs that form the northern edge of the Tasmanian Central Highlands plateau. Places of diverse beauty with spectacular natural features, history and heritage and amazing geological features, the Great Western Tiers stretch northwest to southeast over 100 kilometres from the 1,420-metre Western Bluff near the town of Mole Creek to the 1,210-metre Millers Bluff, approximately 25 kilometres west of Campbell Town. On this website, our focus is on those parts of the Tiers that lay within Tasmania's North West or border the region and can be easily accessed from it.

Great Western Tiers Drive, Tas. - Cya On The Road

If you are coming from Launceston, you can join the drive at at Deloraine, by crossing the river from the town dentre, then driving west towards Mole Creek via Mole Creek Road. Deloraine sits roughly in the middle of the length of the Great Western Tiers, but to their north. The town makes an excellent starting point for touring or for visiting individual localities and geographical features.

Allow a full day for the drive; add additional time if you are contemplating taking any of the bushwalks in the area or spending more time than a quick visit.

Features accessible from the drive include the Mole Creek caves - 300 caves and sinkholes including Marakoopa and King Solomons Caves; scenic lookouts - Devils Gullet Lookout, Alum Cliffs, Walls of Jerusalem; waterfalls - Lobster Falls, Meander Falls, Liffy Falls; bushwalks - Cradle Mountain, Lake St. Clair, Marakoopa Fern Glade Walk, Pine Lake Walk, Alum Cliffs, Walls of Jerusalem NP.

Depart from Launceston via Bass Highway. Exit from the highway at the picturesque town of Deloraine (Visitor Centre; Sculpture Trail; museums; arts and crafts galleries; YARNS Artwork in Silk; venue for the Tasmanian Craft Fair, held every November).

A detour from Deloraine is Lake Highway, which travels through Tasmania's central highlands all the way to Hobart. There are some pretty waterfalls and mountain scenery - prehaps travel only as far as Liffey Falls before returning to Deloraine. Off this road and worth a look are Liffey Falls, Quamby Bluff, Meander Falls, Drys Bluff and Quamby Bluff (1,226m), Pine Lake Walk.

If time permits, the historic villages of Westbury (hedge maze; Steam World museum) Prospect, Hadspen and Carrick on the road to Launceston are worth visiting on the way to Deloraine. They feature a range of dining places, Georgian era buildings, as well as arts, crafts and antiques galleries.

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