Tasman Peninsula Drive

Port Arthur, TAS, Australia; Dunalley, TAS, Australia; Boomer Bay, TAS, Australia; Murdunna, TAS, Australia; Connellys Marsh, TAS, Australia; Eaglehawk Neck, TAS, Australia; Fortescue, TAS, Australia; Cape Pillar, TAS, Australia; Taranna, TAS, Australia; Cape Raoul, TAS, Australia; Nubeena, TAS, Australia; White Beach, TAS, Australia; Premaydena, TAS, Australia; Sloping Main, TAS, Australia; Saltwater River, TAS, Australia; Koonya, TAS, Australia
Est. 279.0km / 7 hrs 9 mins / Map

An extremely scenic part of Tasmania that is dominated by rolling pastures and heavily timbered hills and surrounded by dramatic coastline of sheer cliffs, towering rocky outcrops, sheltered bays and sea caves. Walking tracks and kayaks give access to the area's more isolated corners. And if that isn't enough to entice you to jump on a plane to Tassie and go see it for yourself, there's the added bonus of the peninsula being steeped in Australia's convict history; it contains some of the country's most important convict heritage sites, the jewel in the crown being the Port Athur settlement.

Tasman Peninsula Drive - Cya On The Road

Port Arthur houses the remnants of one of the most isolated and infamous penal establishments in the world, which operated between 1830 and 1877. Known for its harsh conditions, dark history and stark beauty, in 1996 Port Arthur was the scene of the worst mass murder event in Australian history. A small town that is a mix of restored buildings and stabilised ruins, Port Arthur is one of Australia's most significant heritage areas. The open air museum is today Tasmania's top tourist attraction.

Port Arthur is not the only convict related relic on Tasman Peninsula. Convict-built outstations, from which convicts were hired out to local farmers, still stand at Koonya, Premaydena and Taranna. At Saltwater River is the remains of another large convict station and a coal mine, with numerous buildings an a few mine shafts still intact. Interpretive signage details the story of the site, which is about a 25 minute drive from Port Arthur.

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