Exmouth and North West Cape, WA

Exmouth, WA, Australia; North West Cape, WA, Australia; Learmonth, WA, Australia; Cape Range National Park, WA, Australia; Exmouth Gulf, WA, Australia; Ningaloo, WA, Australia; Coral Bay, WA, Australia
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North West Cape, on which Exmouth stands, is a peninsula which separates Exmouth Gulf from the Indian Ocean on the north west tip of the continent. Cape Range, to the north of Exmouth, forms the spine of the peninsula that stretches up towards North West Cape in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia. A locality full of contrasts, the traveller passes from high plateau shrub land to deep ocean, eucalypt woodlands to deep rocky gorges, within just a few kilometres. The scenery is quite breathtaking scenery. From the flat coastal plain one can discover the Range's terraces, coastal dunes, white sand beaches and turquoise water and rocky shores. Unsealed roads and tracks make four wheel driving a recommended part of the experience. Many examples of Aboriginal art appear in the caves and rock overhangs of Cape and Rough Ranges on North West Cape.

Exmouth and North West Cape, WA - Cya On The Road

Best Time To Go

June to November are the best times to visit the localities in Western Australia's north. December to April is cyclone season in the tropical regions and most rainfall occurs at these times. The area to the south of Kalbarri is not affected by cyclones to any great degree, so this region can be visited any time of the year. The summer months can be hot and flies can be a nuisance then, so March to May and August to November are our preference.

June is the season to swim with the Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef, as they migrate through these waters at that time. Wildflowers occur throughout the Coral Coast region. July to November is wildflower season, with the best bloom around September to November.

How to get there

Exmouth is 1,246 km north of Perth by road. Travel north from Perth on Great Northern Highway, taking Brand Highway at Muchea. The Greyhound bus takes approximately twelve hours from Perth to Carnarvon and travels every day, some days twice, to localities throughout the region.

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