The Indian Pacific Way

Haymarket, NSW, Australia; Sydney, NSW, Australia; Strathfield, NSW, Australia; Penrith, NSW, Australia; Katoomba, NSW, Australia; Lithgow, NSW, Australia; Dubbo, NSW, Australia; Broken Hill, NSW, Australia; Cockburn, SA, Australia; Olary, SA, Australia; Manna Hill, SA, Australia; Oodla Wirra, SA, Australia; Peterborough, SA, Australia; Crystal Brook, SA, Australia; Snowtown, SA, Australia; Goyder, SA, Australia; Mallala, SA, Australia; Adelaide, SA, Australia; Port Augusta, SA, Australia; Kootaberra, SA, Australia; Carriewerloo, SA, Australia; Oakden Hills, SA, Australia; Pimba, SA, Australia; Wirraminna, SA, Australia; Coondambo, SA, Australia; Kingoonya, SA, Australia; Wilgena, SA, Australia; Tarcoola, SA, Australia; Mulgathing, SA, Australia; Yellabinna, SA, Australia; South Australia, SA, Australia; Nullarbor, SA, Australia; Forrest, WA, Australia; Rawlinna, WA, Australia; Zanthus, WA, Australia; Cundeelee, WA, Australia; Emu Flat, WA, Australia; Feysville, WA, Australia; Parkeston, WA, Australia; Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia; Southern Cross, WA, Australia; Merredin, WA, Australia; Northam, WA, Australia; Perth, WA, Australia
Distance: 3,756 km

This guide follows the path travelled by the Indian Pacific train, and is recommended for use by travellers on that train. It is not a guide to the train and its services, but simply to the places it passes through on the journey. Travelling from east to west, it documents:

The Indian Pacific Way - Cya On The Road

Day 1: the major towns passed through after leaving Sydney and arriving at Broken Hill

Day 2: the major towns passed through between Broken Hill and Adelaide, then from Adelaide via Port Augusta until reaching the edge of the Nullarbor Plain on the morning of Day 3.

Day 3: Docments every siding, ghost town and community passed through on the way to Kalgoorlie.

Day 4: The major towns passed through on the final leg of the journey to Perth.

Note: not all localities listed on this guide are places where the Indian Pacific train stops.

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