Sydney Walks: By train

Sydney, NSW, Australia; Brooklyn, NSW, Australia; Little Wobby, NSW, Australia; Woy Woy, NSW, Australia; Central Coast, NSW, Australia; Dangar Island, NSW, Australia; Oatley, NSW, Australia; Hurstville Grove, NSW, Australia; Wollstonecraft, NSW, Australia; Greenwich, NSW, Australia; Gordon, NSW, Australia; Pymble, NSW, Australia; Turramurra, NSW, Australia; Cronulla, NSW, Australia; Bundeena, NSW, Australia; Royal National Park, NSW, Australia; Glenbrook, NSW, Australia
Est. 278.0km / 6 days

To catch trains, buses, ferries and light rail in Sydney and surrounding areas you will need an Opal card or Opal single ticket. The Opal network covers all of Sydney, north to Newcastle, west to the Blue Mountains and south to Wollongong and the Southern Highlands. If you are taking more than one trip on public transport, using an Opal Card is the most convenient and affordable way to pay for your fares. Simply tap on and off as you go.

Sydney Walks: By train - Cya On The Road

Six separate tours are included, one per day. Directions begin from Central Station, Sydney, though it is not necessary to begin there if another station is more convenient.

Day 1: Dangar Island

Day 2:Oatley

Day 3: Wollstonecraft

Day 4: Gordon

Day 5: Cronulla

Day 6: Glenbrook

by Stephen Yarrow
Stephen is the editor of a number of websites about Australia, his home website being Pocketoz.

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