In the Footsteps of Ned Kelly

Melbourne, VIC, Australia; Beveridge, VIC, Australia; Kyneton, VIC, Australia; Avenel, VIC, Australia; Euroa, VIC, Australia; Benalla, VIC, Australia; Mansfield, VIC, Australia; Archerton, VIC, Australia; Whitlands, VIC, Australia; Glenrowan West, VIC, Australia; Taminick, VIC, Australia; Glenrowan, VIC, Australia; Beechworth, VIC, Australia; Jerilderie, NSW, Australia
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The bushranger Ned Kelly is one of Australia's greatest folk heroes. He has been memorialised by painters, writers, musicians and filmmakers alike. More books, songs and websites have been written about Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang than any other group of Australian historical figures. Ned Kelly in his armour came to symbolise a fight by a flawed hero, a convicted criminal, for 'justice and liberty' and 'innocent people'. This captured the imagination of writers, authors and the general public alike.

In the Footsteps of Ned Kelly - Cya On The Road

Ned Kelly was expert with a 'running-iron' on stolen, unbranded stock, and was a deadly accurate shot with revolver or rifle. Surprisingly articulate for a self-educated man, he was clannish, loyal to his friends and supporters, and had a sardonic sense of humour. He became an outlaw, hunted for almost two years before he was shot down and hanged. Whether he was a hero or a villian is still hotly debated today.

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