Along The Willamstown Line

Williamstown, VIC, Australia; Melbourne, VIC, Australia; Newport, VIC, Australia; Spotswood, VIC, Australia; Yarraville, VIC, Australia; Seddon, VIC, Australia; Footscray, VIC, Australia; Kensington, VIC, Australia
Distance: 46 km (Map)

Originally Melbourne's first sea port, Williamstown is today a popular and fashionable suburban maritime village, playing host to both locals and visitors to Melbourne who embrace the change of scenery and slow down in pace it offers. Surrounded on three sides by the calm waters Port Phillip Bay, its northern and eastern coastline with piers, gardens and remnants of Williamstown's maritime history that includes numerous colonial-era shipyards and slipways.

Along The Willamstown Line - Cya On The Road

Getting There: By car, 15 minutes from Melbourne via the West Gate Fwy.

By train, to Williamstown station from Flinders Street Station (30 minutes) on the Williamstown line.

By ferry or Yarra River cruise from Southbank ferry wharves (1 hour).

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