Esk Highway Tas. Drive

Longford, TAS, Australia; Evandale, TAS, Australia; Deddington, TAS, Australia; Nile, TAS, Australia; Conara, TAS, Australia; Avoca, TAS, Australia; Rossarden, TAS, Australia; Royal George, TAS, Australia; Ben Lomond, TAS, Australia; Fingal, TAS, Australia; Mangana, TAS, Australia; Mathinna, TAS, Australia; Cornwall, TAS, Australia; St Marys, TAS, Australia; Upper Scamander, TAS, Australia; Gray, TAS, Australia; Douglas-Apsley, TAS, Australia
Est. 644.9km / 14 hrs 49 mins / Map

The Esk Highway, which passes through the Fingal valley, provides the shortest access to Tasmania's East Coast from the north of the island. The valley's picturesque countryside contains numerous former mining towns and abandoned mine sites and settlements on the southern slopes of Ben Lomond. Its western end begins at the Midland Highway at Conara Junction, just north of Campbell Town. This end of the valley is dominated by Stack's Bluff. Its eastern end passes through St Marys and then deviates in a north-east direction, where it connects to the Tasman Highway. Another road, which follows a path south-east from St Marys, joins the Tasman Highway at Chain of Lagoons after traversing Elephant Pass.

Esk Highway Tas. Drive - Cya On The Road

Location: north east Tasmania

Length: Launceston to St Marys 130 km

Features/attractions: Esk Valley, Evercreech Reserve, Fingal Valley, Lake Leake, Ben Lomond Plateau, St Patricks Head

The Journey: Starts and finishes in Launceston.

Recommended duration: 1 day

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