The Huon Trail, Tasmania

Taroona, TAS, Australia; Hobart, TAS, Australia; Kingston, TAS, Australia; Blackmans Bay, TAS, Australia; Tinderbox, TAS, Australia; Margate, TAS, Australia; Snug, TAS, Australia; Pelverata, TAS, Australia; Coningham, TAS, Australia; Kettering, TAS, Australia; Oyster Cove, TAS, Australia; Woodbridge, TAS, Australia; Birchs Bay, TAS, Australia; Gordon, TAS, Australia; Verona Sands, TAS, Australia; Randalls Bay, TAS, Australia; Eggs and Bacon Bay, TAS, Australia; Abels Bay, TAS, Australia; Gardners Bay, TAS, Australia; Nicholls Rivulet, TAS, Australia; Cygnet, TAS, Australia; Lymington, TAS, Australia; Petcheys Bay, TAS, Australia; Glaziers Bay, TAS, Australia; Cradoc, TAS, Australia; Huonville, TAS, Australia; Franklin, TAS, Australia; Port Huon, TAS, Australia; Geeveston, TAS, Australia; South West, TAS, Australia; Dover, TAS, Australia; Hastings, TAS, Australia; Southport, TAS, Australia; Southport Lagoon, TAS, Australia; Recherche, TAS, Australia
Est. 332.6km / 2 days / Map

No trip to Hobart and Southern Tasmania is complete without a drive along the Huon Trail. Taking in the the fruit growing district of the Huon River valley, Port Huon, Bruny Island and the vast expanse of the D'Entrecasteaux Channel, the Huon Trail incorporates busy towns and sleepy villages, serene boutique farms and World Heritage Wilderness areas accessed by roads that wind through a world of extensive and beautiful valleys and waterways.

The Huon Trail, Tasmania - Cya On The Road

Tourism is an important part of Huonville and the surrounding Huon Valley. The area is renowned for its scenic beauty and history as one of Australia's biggest apple producers.

The Huon Valley and the coasts of Port Huon and the D'Entrecasteaux Channel are places of natural beauty, perfect for a relaxing holiday, a short break or even a day trip from Hobart. Rich in maritime and rural heritage and populated friendly creative people, the region is known as much for its gorgeous scenery as it huon pine, apple orchards and boutique wineries and gourmet specialities. By big city standards, the roads are always quiet and there is something different around every corner.

Location: South and south-west of Hobart, Tasmania, beside the D'Entrecasteaux Channel, Huon Rover and Port Huon.

Length: Short loop (Hobart - Gordon - Huonville - Hobart) - 132 km; full loop (including Cockle Creek) - 304 km. If you intend to travel the full loop and include the Lower Huon Drive, follow this route as far as Huonville. Upon reaching Huonville, turn left towards Franklin and follow the Lower Huon Drive (link below). Otherwise, turn right and head towards Hobart.

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