Derwent Valley Tas. Drive

Pontville, TAS, Australia; Kempton, TAS, Australia; Melton Mowbray, TAS, Australia; Bothwell, TAS, Australia; Waddamana, TAS, Australia; Bronte Park, TAS, Australia; Tarraleah, TAS, Australia; Ouse, TAS, Australia; Hamilton, TAS, Australia; Gretna, TAS, Australia; Westerway, TAS, Australia; Mount Field, TAS, Australia; Maydena, TAS, Australia; Bushy Park, TAS, Australia; Plenty, TAS, Australia; Magra, TAS, Australia; New Norfolk, TAS, Australia
Est. 402.3km / 7 hrs 15 mins / Map

The Derwent Valley is famous for its historic villages. You can take a drive from Hobart, visiting the southern section of Midland Highway, Tasmania's first main road that was built by convict road gangs, before returning to Hobart via the Derwent Valley. The route then heads north-east to a number villages in the southern foothills of the Central Highlands, following Lakes Highway that ultimately passes Arthurs Lake on its way to Launceston. The return journey passes through the historic villages on the lower Lyell Highway, following the River Derwent as it winds its way through hilly terrain towards Hobart.

Derwent Valley Tas. Drive - Cya On The Road

Location: From Hobart, travelling east then, north and north west. Full day.

Length of drive: 185 km

Features and Attractions: Richmond; Oatlands; Kempton; Bothwell; Ouse; Bushy Park; New Norfolk

The richness and variety of its historic buildings, the old Oast Houses and the gentle undulations of the countryside on either side of the Derwent River make this one of the most attractive places in southern Tasmania. The state's oldest church, The Anglican Church of St Matthew, is in New Norfolk.

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