Upper Hawkesbury River Drive

Windsor, NSW, Australia; Pitt Town, NSW, Australia; Cattai, NSW, Australia; Wilberforce, NSW, Australia; Ebenezer, NSW, Australia; Sackville, NSW, Australia; Lower Portland, NSW, Australia; Lower MacDonald, NSW, Australia; St Albans, NSW, Australia; Central MacDonald, NSW, Australia; Gunderman, NSW, Australia; Spencer, NSW, Australia; Wisemans Ferry, NSW, Australia; Laughtondale, NSW, Australia
Distance: 297 km

Being the third settlement in the colony of New South Wales, The Upper Hawkesbury is full of history and heritage, and as such is an ideal place to visit for those who have an interest in the early days of our nation. During its first 100 years, the colony relied on the Uppper Hawkesbury River for its food. Today, it is steeped in history, with sleepy colonial era villages, Aboriginal habitation sites and convict relics awaiting discovery.

Upper Hawkesbury River Drive - Cya On The Road

Length: 200 km return (from Sydney CBD)

The drive commences at Windsor, a river town established in 1794 to produce the crops needed to avert a famine at Port Jackson (Sydney). The first settlement on the Hawkesbury, it became a bustling port. Many buildings from its earliest years remain.

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