Atherton Tablelands Waterfall Drive

Kuranda, QLD, Australia; Wongabel, QLD, Australia; Wondecla, QLD, Australia; Upper Barron, QLD, Australia; Tumoulin, QLD, Australia; Millstream, QLD, Australia; Ravenshoe, QLD, Australia; Middlebrook, QLD, Australia; Millaa Millaa, QLD, Australia; Malanda, QLD, Australia; Ellinjaa, QLD, Australia; Mungalli, QLD, Australia; Wooroonooran, QLD, Australia; Koombooloomba, QLD, Australia; Gadgarra, QLD, Australia
Est. 626.3km / 11 hrs 52 mins / Map

Mighty mountain ranges and Wet Tropics Rainforest of Far North Queensland create the optimum environment for a myriad of extraordinary waterfalls, and you don't have to drive far out of Cairns to find them.

Atherton Tablelands Waterfall Drive - Cya On The Road

There are many pretty waterfalls in the southern region of the Atherton Tablelands in the rainforests beyond the rolling green meadows of cleared farmland. Three of these - Millaa Millaa Falls, Zillie Falls and Ellinjaa Falls, can be viewed by travelling along a relatively short drive not far from the township of Millaa Millaa.

Only the most easily accessible waterfalls are included in this tour. As they are scattered randomly throughout the Tablelands, and some can only be accessed by taking a hiking trail that will take an hour or two return journey on foot to reach them, we do not recommend you try and visit them all in one go, or that you visit them all, or visit them in the order given. We suggest you read the notes for each one, then plan your trip to whichever falls fit your criteria. If you love hiking, certain falls will have greater appeal than others; those with a limited amount of time will gain just as much enjoyment from visiting falls that are close to main roads.

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