West MacDonnell Ranges Drive

Alice Springs, NT, Australia; Hermannsburg, NT, Australia; Wallace Rockhole, NT, Australia; Burt Plain, NT, Australia; Hugh, NT, Australia; Namatjira, NT, Australia; Mount Zeil, NT, Australia
Est. 509.9km / 10 hrs 55 mins / Map

If you think there's nothing to see in the Red Centre of Australia apart from Ululu, Alice Springs and lots of red desert, then you don't know about the MacDonnell ranges. Stretching for 400km from east-west in a series of parallel ranges, the East and West MacDonnell Ranges straddle the town of Alice Springs, which sits alongside a gap between them.

West MacDonnell Ranges Drive - Cya On The Road

Best time to visit

The region is located in an arid environment consisting of several different deserts. December to February is normally very hot; November to March is when the most rain falls. May to September is the peak season when Alice Springs is at its busiest. In these months, the daytime temperature never gets to high but it can get quite cold at night. If you are looking to take sunset shots of Uluru, August and September are the best months as there is generally little cloud about.

If you plan on incorporating the Top End into your travels and want to avoid the hot summer as well as the peak tourist season, the ideal to is come to Alice Springs in April or May first, then head north. Otherwise, see the Top End first in August or September and visit Alice Springs on your way home.

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