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Kettering, TAS, Australia; South Bruny, TAS, Australia; North Bruny, TAS, Australia; Great Bay, TAS, Australia; Adventure Bay, TAS, Australia; Alonnah, TAS, Australia; Lunawanna, TAS, Australia; Killora, TAS, Australia; Barnes Bay, TAS, Australia
Est. 363.0km / 2 days / Map

Across the D'Entrecasteaux Channel a short drive south of Hobart, Bruny Island is effectively two quite different islands connected by a narrow neck of sand. With its wild seascapes and sweeping surf beaches, rich maritime history, abundant birdlife and wildlife, tall forests and historic lighthouse, Bruny is an island paradise in Australia's deep south.

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The sparsely populated island (around 600 people) has an abundance of indigenous birdlife, marsupials and marine life. Whales, seals, dolphins, penguins, sea lions, sea eagles, albatrosses, cormorants, gannets can be seen in their natural environments. A unique feature is its thousand-year old 'blackboy' rainforests and the spring months of September and October reveal spectacular native flowers. Alonnah is the administrative capital of Bruny Island. It is one of six small settlements on the island.

In terms of breathtaking majesty, few features on South Bruny Island compare to a series of sea caves found along its rocky coastline. 'Breathtaking' is an over-used word used to describe Australia's scenery, but when it comes to these amazing coastal caverns, it is totally appropriate. The only way to see these caves is by boat; Bruny Island Cruises take tourists close to the huge caves carved by the wind and surf out of the cliff face but if you prefer to see them at close range, then sea kayak is the only way to go.

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