Meander Valley Drive

Devonport, TAS, Australia; Latrobe, TAS, Australia; Elizabeth Town, TAS, Australia; Deloraine, TAS, Australia; Exton, TAS, Australia; Westbury, TAS, Australia; Hagley, TAS, Australia; Carrick, TAS, Australia; Hadspen, TAS, Australia; Longford, TAS, Australia; Perth, TAS, Australia; Evandale, TAS, Australia
Est. 123.0km / 2 hrs 24 mins / Map

There are essentially two ways to travel by road between Devonport and Launcestion; there's Bass Highway, which is takes just over an hours and bypasses just about every town on the way, and then there's Meander Valley Road, originally a section of the old Bass Highway, which follows today's Bass Highway closely, but takes in just about every town, village and settlement on the way. It will take a lot longer, and how much longer depends on how captivating you find the places you pass through.

Meander Valley Drive - Cya On The Road

If you are short on time and would prefer your drive along Meander Valley Road to be a single day venture, it can be, even if your starting point is Burnie. Provided you are up and out on the open road early, you should be able to comfortable make it back by sunset if your outwards journey is on Meander Valley Road and your return on Bass Highway.

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