First Fleet (1788) Heritage Walk

Sydney, NSW, Australia; The Rocks, NSW, Australia; Dawes Point, NSW, Australia
Est. 4.5km / 2 hrs 21 mins / Map

This self-guided walking tour in the vicinity of Circular Quay, Sydney, identifies the location of the buildings of Sydney created by those who arrived with the First Fleet in January 1788. The locations are taken from a chart prepared by Capt. Hunter and Lieut. Bradley in March 1788 that gives an insight into what Sydney was like in its first year. It will be helpful to have a current map of the Circular Quay area with you as you take this walk.

First Fleet (1788) Heritage Walk - Cya On The Road

The chart identifies the position of the encampment and its buildings as they stood at March 1788. Part of William Bradley's 1802 journal, A Voyage to New South Wales, the chart is held today by the Mitchell Library, State Library NSW. It is the earliest known map of the Sydney Cove settlement and shows the various uses of ground including gardens, stores, the bake house and cooking places.

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