Central Hong Kong Audio Walk

Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong SAR
Est. 2.3km / 1 hr 3 mins / Map

Hong Kong (Chinese: 香港), officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is a Special Administrative Region on the eastern Pearl River Delta in South China.

Central Hong Kong Audio Walk - Cya On The Road

With over 7.5 million residents in a 1,104-square-kilometre (426 sq mi) territory, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated places in the world. Hong Kong is also one of the world's most developed cities with the most expensive housing.

Central, on the north shore of Hong Kong Island, across Victoria Harbour from Tsim Sha Tsui, is the central business district of Hong Kong.

As the CBD of Hong Kong, it is the area where many multinational financial services corporations have their headquarters. Consulates general and consulates of many countries are also in this area. The area has served as the centre of trade and financial activities from the earliest days of the British colonial era and continues to flourish and serve as the place of administration after the handover to China in 1997.

This self-guided walking tour will take you to some of the historical sites and iconic buildings in Central Hong Kong, such as the HSBC Building, Hong Kong Park and more. The walking tour takes roughly 2 hours, depending on speed.

I hope you will enjoy it, and through the tour, learn more about Hong Kong's past and see the present.

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