The Monopoly Player's London

London, England, United Kingdom
Est. 110.8km / 5 hrs 59 mins / Map

Although an American invention, Monopoly is a popular board game the world over. There are a number of Monopoly games available, but easily the most popular version is the original set in the British capital: London. The majority of properties represented on the Monopoly board are still in existence today and can be visited by the general public.

The Monopoly Player's London - Cya On The Road

Visiting all the squares on the Monopoly board is a relatively common experience that many Londoners turn into an evening out, taking part in what they call a 'Monopoly Pub Crawl.' But with or without the drink, a journey across London's Monopoly Board is an interesting and unique way to visit London. From those who love to travel and for those who love the game, taking a trip around the Monopoly Board can be an entirely new way to experience London and see places you might never otherwise see.

When you play Monopoly you could be forgiven for thinking that each property is close to the next one and that the railway stations are in the same area as the properties that are located on the respective side of the board, but this is not the case. If you were to visit each property on foot, starting with Old Kent Road (the first property after "Go", and visit all 28 of them in the order in which they are placed on the Monopoly board, including railway stations, it would take around 13 hours, cover up to 28 kilometres and involve a lot of back tracking over ground you have already covered.

So what is the best way to complete a tour of all locations on the London Monopoly Board? That depends on how much time you have and what other mode of transport you would like to use to cut down the amount of walking you do. For some, starting at Old Kent Road and working their way around the board is the only way to do it. If that's you, all you'll need to do is set aside a full day, don a good pair of walking shoes and head for Old Kent Road. From there, then use Google Maps to find your way to each consecutive place, using public transport where you can.

If time is of the essence, or you want to minimise the amount of walking, you'd be best to use the Google Map on this page showing all the locations, and work out a strategy where you can visit all the locations in a particular area, then do the same for another area. The bulk of them are in groups so do one group at a time, then use public transport to get to the more outlying places. All of the locations are on bus routes or near Underground stations, so a combination of walking, with bus or underground trains to connect from one area to another works well.

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