Day Trips From Milan By Train

Monterosso al Mare, Liguria, Italy; Florence, Tuscany, Italy; Venice, Veneto, Italy; Pisa, Tuscany, Italy; Verona, Veneto, Italy; Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy; Turin, Piedmont, Italy; Menaggio, Lombardy, Italy; Lugano, TI, Switzerland; Como, Lombardy, Italy; Tirano, Lombardy, Italy; Cremona, Lombardy, Italy; Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy; Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy; Genoa, Liguria, Italy; Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Est. 2,692.0km / 1 day / Map

This tour is part of a series designed for the budget minded traveller to see as much of Europe as possible in a limited amount of time for the lowest cost. It is based on the principle of travelling by train with a rail pass, using major centres as base destinations from which to travel by train to other destinations within and beyond the surrounding region.

Day Trips From Milan By Train - Cya On The Road

Besides being cost effective, using on a rail pass allows the traveller to visit numerous destinations in a short period of time, while minimising the number of accommodation locations required. Train stations in Europe are generally placed in the middle of cities and towns, so the trains you travel on will inevitably drop you right where you want to be. There are always plenty of accommodation options close to railway stations. On day trips out from where you are staying, you can cover a large area and include numerous destinations, even in neighbouring countries, all in a single day’s travel. The travel itself is stress-free, trains are very comfortable and most have dining cars when you can enjoy lunch, a snack or even your evening meal on your way back to your night's accommodation.

In order to get the most out of travelling around Europe this way, it is imperative that you plan and book your travel and accommodation well in advance. This is where a touring itinerary like this one becomes invaluable. Simply select the places you intend to use as a base, then prepare an itinerary of the places you’d like to visit during your stay there, not forgetting to allow time to explore your base destination. This will determine how much time you need in each base destination you intend to visit.

Trains are a very popular means of travel in Europe so there are plenty of services to chose from. These can also be planned in advance using online train timetables, or you can decide where to go and on which day once you have arrived at a base destination.

Once your itinerary has been set, you can go online and book your rail pass and accommodation requirements as well as air travel to and from your first and last base destinations - it’s that easy.

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