Highland Lakes Road, Tasmania

Hobart, TAS, Australia; Kempton, TAS, Australia; Melton Mowbray, TAS, Australia; Bothwell, TAS, Australia; Waddamana, TAS, Australia; Arthurs Lake, TAS, Australia; Poatina, TAS, Australia; Miena, TAS, Australia; Liawenee, TAS, Australia; Central Plateau, TAS, Australia; Liffey, TAS, Australia; Golden Valley, TAS, Australia; Deloraine, TAS, Australia
Est. 347.4km / 6 hrs 2 mins / Map

There are four main roads linking the north of Tasmania to the south. The one least known and travelled is the Highland Lakes Road, which goes right through the centre of the island via the Central Highlands.

Highland Lakes Road, Tasmania - Cya On The Road

Highland Lakes Road gets nowhere near the same amount of useage as Tasmania's other North to South main roads, so chances are you won't see much other traffic. This makes it easy to stop and taking in the scenery - and there is plenty to stop and take in - without having to worry about that driver who is hard on your tail and wants to go faster than you do. It's a sealed road all the way, but be aware that snow is common in winter so it is a good idea to check the road conditions if you intend using the road in winter.


Deloraine to Bothwell - 129 km.

Devonport to Hobart: 257 km.

Launceston to Hobart - 246 km.

Allow a full day for the drive, though it will take much less if you use it to get from pont A to point B and don't intend to get sidetracked by the numerous points of interest along the way.

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