Authentic Hong Kong Shopping

Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong SAR
Est. 9.8km / 3 hrs / Map

This tour will guide you into the world of true Hong Kong shopping. Not the luxurious and expensive sort - we will not take you to any of the famous brand boutiques. You can find these anywhere – that would be boring. Instead, we are about to take you on an unforgettable journey into the unique realm of the city’s street markets; where you will find things that are more memorable than all of the brands put together. Street market shopping is very popular in Hong Kong, so there are quite a few street markets here. Some of them, such as the famous Stanley market, are very far from here, but others are located nearby. About ten of them are situated on the Kowloon peninsula and can be easily reached by metro. We wish to take you to the most interesting and unusual ones in order to create a truly outstanding experience and reflect the real Hong Kong atmosphere. You are about to see the Goldfish Market, the Birds' Market, the Night Market, and many more.Please note that the very last market on the list - Temple Street Night Market – does not open until 4pm, so please plan your tour accordingly. The other markets are day markets and they usually close around 5-6pm.Also, please note that visiting every market on the tour might prove quite tiring, so you could pick three or four of them and concentrate on these. Of course, you can finish the tour at any point and find the nearest metro station, if you wish. The tour starts at Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel and Towers and finishes close to the Jordan metro station

Authentic Hong Kong Shopping - Cya On The Road

Photo Hong Kong night street 2 by The Photographer is licensed under  CC0 1.0

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