Bike the Wineries Tour

Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand
Est. 7.8km / 2 hrs 31 mins / Map

This tour takes you along the Gibbston River Trail from the Kawarau Bridge to Mt Rosa Wines.

Bike the Wineries Tour - Cya On The Road

This audio guide will give you some insight into the history of the area and provide information on points of interest along the bike trail.  There are eight wineries to visit and other stops include Cargo Brewery, Gibbston Valley Cheese and The Gibbston Tavern.  

You will learn about the history and “personality” of each brand,and have the opportunity to sample some of the unique wines, beers and cheeses produced in the region.  

The tour is approximately 11kms in total, you may not finish it as you may want to spend more time relaxing at the wineries.   

Now to get started, follow the trail signs and have fun!

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