Opera House & Hyde Park Ride

The Rocks, NSW, Australia; Sydney, NSW, Australia; Circular Quay, NSW, Australia
Est. 8.1km / 1 hr 21 mins / Map

Opera House & Hyde Park Ride - Cya On The Road

Welcome to Sydney Bike Tours, are you ready to ride along the Opera House, The Royal Botanic Gardens & Hyde Park?You will cruise along the bike friendly path through Circular Quay to the iconic Sydney Opera House. Climb the steps, take a photo and continue your journey into the Royal Botanic Gardens. Discover the diverse and exotic plant life, take a seat on the hand carved Mrs Macquaries Chair for breath taking panoramic views of the harbour. Ride up to Hyde Park, stopping in at the free Art Gallery of NSW and onto the nearby attractions of the Convict Barracks, the Australian Museum or St Patrick’s Cathedral. Please proceed to Sydney Bike Tours, which is the starting point of this unique experience and also the place to rent your bike. Once you’ve started the tour you’ll hear navigational instructions or you will hear more information about the unique spots along the route. Enjoy the ride!

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