Moving Through Time

Melbourne, VIC, Australia; Southbank, VIC, Australia; Docklands, VIC, Australia
Distance: 2 km
by Heritage Council Victoria

Moving Through Time - Cya On The Road

This Audio Tour will take you through some of Melbourne's best adaptive re-use projects - old industrial and merchantile buildings which have had their uses transformed to more modern functions. In the tour we will listen to the architects who designed these striking, award winning transformations.Begin at Princes Walk Vaults and listen to architect Mark Healy from Six Degrees talk about the project that brought us Riverland Bar. Walk along the river to Signal, a new youth arts space in a disused signal box and hearChelsea Scanes from the City of Melbourne. From there it’s a short walk to the Immigration Museum, formerly the Old Customs House, where Daryl Jackson from Jackson Architecture will guide you through its transformation.Finally, head towards Goods Shed North to hear Callum Fraser from Elenberg Fraser describe the revitalisation of the Goods Shed.

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