St. Kilda Walking Tour

St Kilda, VIC, Australia; Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Est. 1.4km / 1 hr 27 mins

St. Kilda Walking Tour - Cya On The Road

From riches to rags and back again.This is a walking tour of St Kilda’s domestic architecture and changing fortunes of the seaside suburb.Narrated by Peter Mares from ABC Radio National, the tour guides you through some St Kilda streets that show how history is captured in bricks and mortar.Acknowledgements:This tour has been created by Heritage Victoria and funded through the strategy, Victoria’s Heritage: Strengthening our communities.Credits:Producer: Malcolm McKinnonNarrator: Peter MaresMusic and sound design: AYJ CabrieMap design: Dianna Wells DesignThis project has received in-kind support from the City of Port Phillip, St Kilda Historical Society, and ABC Radio National.Special thanks to Peter Johnson for generously sharing his knowledge of local buildings.

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