Policing colonial Brisbane: The criminal underbelly

Petrie Terrace, QLD, Australia; Brisbane, QLD, Australia; Brisbane City, QLD, Australia
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Policing colonial Brisbane: The criminal underbelly - Cya On The Road

'Policing colonial Brisbane: The criminal underbelly' text by Crime and Policing Historian Anastasia Dukova for the Queensland Police MuseumAfter Queensland’s separation from New South Wales, the new Queensland Parliament was established in 1860, the police force, however, remained under the jurisdiction of the NSW legislation. This taxed the numbers of policemen on duty within the home colony, as prisoners had to be escorted to Sydney to stand trial. Finally, in 1863 a separate police act was promulgated which took effect on 1 January 1864, marking the beginning of an independent history for the Queensland Police Force. On 31 December 1864, 20 ordinary constables took to the streets. Vigilant guardianship of person and property was one of the key principles of police duty. Absence of crime was considered the very best evidence that can be given of the complete efficiency of the police. A nascent Queensland Constable took an oath to see and cause Her Majesty’s peace to be kept and preserved, and to prevent to the best of his power, all offences against the same. This tour of colonial Brisbane will take you along on a beat and let you experience the bustling street life through the eyes of an ordinary city patrol constable.

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