Deakin University Sculpture Walk, Burwood

Burwood, VIC, Australia; Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Est. --- / 1 hr / Map

Welcome to the Deakin University Sculpture Walk. The numbers are for you to identify the sculptures: you don't have to follow the walk sequentially, just jump in at any point! The sculptures form a part of Deakin University's Art Collection. Be sure to visit the Art Gallery to see more of the collection or our latest exhibition program.  Text written by Ken Scarlett OAM (unless otherwise stated). Photo credits: Simon Peter Fox and Vanja Radisic. Narrated by DUAG Curator James Lynch and Art Collection Officer Claire Muir. 

Deakin University Sculpture Walk, Burwood - Cya On The Road

Recorded and edited by Vanja Radisic, Public and Academic Programs Officer. 








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