Public Art of Mosman

Mosman, NSW, Australia; Sydney, NSW, Australia
Est. 33m / 21 mins / Map

Public Art of Mosman - Cya On The Road

Mosman Council is proud to present a guided tour of its public art collection through the izi.TRAVEL mobile application.Public art serves to present the community with an easy way to engage with art in the public sphere. So often art is kept hidden behind closed doors, in storage, or only made available to those who choose to walk through the doors of an art gallery or museum. By having art out in the open and readily available to the greater public audience, the works are open to free relation and interpretation.The facilitation of artistic practice from a council institution serves to project a sense of civic pride. Through art, Mosman Council projects to the community that we are engaged with the cultural sphere and proud of the cultural production that happens in our local area. Each of the works in this tour are created by artists that engage with the local area historically, environmentally and/or socially. We are proud to have such terrific exemplars of artistic practice in Mosman, and glad to share this with the community.

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