Open Field

Auburn, NSW, Australia; Sydney, NSW, Australia
Est. 1.3km / 27 mins / Map

To expand a Utopian vision, Kon Gouriotis curates a two-staged exhibition Open Field, placing original work by artists from Western Sydney in the Peacock Gallery, outside, and a replica of each work in, Auburn's Botanic Gardens. To be staged in autumn, this project will consider original and replica objects, evoke unexpected memories, and connect a world of diverse cultures and histories from the local to other places. Expect to experience how artists have been inspired and have evoked the garden’s magic potential with geometric forms. Amongst the art, geometric forms, plants and animals, will be the original 1960s Japanese garden postcards, which inspired the region’s first botanical gardens.

Open Field - Cya On The Road

Cover image: Postcard collected by Eric Black, c.1960s

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