West Wyalong Heritage Walk

West Wyalong, NSW, Australia
Est. 1.2km / 23 mins

Welcome to the interactive historical tour of West Wyalong.

West Wyalong Heritage Walk - Cya On The Road

The town has a rich and colourful history despite the early assessment of explorer John Oxley when he passed through the area in 1817 and famously declared “from want of timber, grass and water, it would never be inhabited by civilised man”.

Fred Neeld’s discovery of gold in Wyalong in December 1893 soon proved Mr Oxley wrong.

As the population of Wyalong swelled, West Wyalong was gazetted and settled in 1895 around the old bullock track.

As a result, the crooked Main Street featured a number of curious kinks in the road, twists and turns which were put in place to avoid trees. It is those same original features which continue to give West Wyalong part of its character and charm.

When mining declined in the early 1900’s, West Wyalong became the main service centre for agriculture in the district.

Agriculture and mining remain the Bland Shire’s major industries today.

This interactive tour will take in some of the significant buildings and locations in West Wyalong’s history.

by Bland Shire Council
a small rural based Council on the fringes of the Riverina and Central West of NSW.

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