Discover Historic Unley

Unley, SA, Australia; Adelaide, SA, Australia; Malvern, SA, Australia
Est. 1.9km / 1 hr 12 mins

Discover Historic Unley is a walking tour of twenty-one stops, taking you on a journey of local living history in and around Unley Road. Uncover stories about iconic sites and buildings.  Discover Historic Unley is part of an ongoing series of historic walking trails, including Discover Historic Goodwood. Would you like to know more about the history of Unley? The Unley Museum has many more interesting stories to share, displayed in exciting exhibitions. You can visit the Unley Museum at 80 Edmund Avenue, Unley, which is the final stop on the tour. 

Discover Historic Unley - Cya On The Road

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In order for this walking tour to operate in the best way we suggest:1. Loading the tour using wifi. There is free wifi at Unley Library,2. Enabling 'push notifications' for the app,3. Turning on wifi and bluetooth so the GPS operates effectively, 3. Using headphones so you can hear the audio (Unley Road can be noisy!), and4. Ensuring your phone or tablet is sufficiently charged. 

And, just a reminder to exit completely from the app when you are finished, otherwise it may drain your battery.

This walking tour involves crossing Unley Road twice and in both instances there are pedestrian crossings nearby. Please utilise them to cross safely. 



by City of Unley
The City of Unley is recognised for its community spirit, natural and built environment, business strength and innovative leadership.

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