Goodwood Road Streetscape Artworks

Goodwood, SA, Australia; Adelaide, SA, Australia
Est. 935m / 1 hr 36 mins / Map

This is a self-guided walking tour that takes you along Goodwood Road to reveal the artworks part of the Goodwood Road Streetscape Upgrade, commissioned by the City of Unley.

Goodwood Road Streetscape Artworks - Cya On The Road

Over 15 artists and numerous community individuals and organisations have contributed to shaping and producing these artworks. All contributors and creatives worked under the guiding principle that the artworks should reflect the character of the Goodwood Road Precinct by being colourful, accessible, casual, surprising, engaging, welcoming, social and playful/whimsical.

The City of Unley also wishes to acknowledge the professional assistance provided by Brecknock Consulting, Groundplay and Jensen Planning and Design throughout this project.


As you walk from one stop to the next, the artwork details will automatically appear on your screen. Keep your eye on the map, and refer to the images so you know you're at the right stop. To view all the images once you reach a certain stop, first tap on the cover image and then swipe to your right. Hit "done" to exit out of the gallery.

In order for this walking tour to operate in the best way we suggest:1. Loading the tour using wifi. There is free wifi at Goodwood Library,2. Enabling 'push notifications' for the app,3. Turning on wifi and bluetooth so the GPS operates effectively, 3. Using headphones so you can hear the audio (Goodwood Road can be noisy!), and4. Ensuring your phone or tablet is sufficiently charged. 

And, just a reminder to exit completely from the app when you are finished, otherwise it may drain your battery.

This walking tour involves crossing Goodwood Road once, and in this instance there is a pedestrian crossing nearby. Please utilise it to cross safely. 


There were four artwork initiatives:

In the Groove

Artists Clancy Warner and Sarah-Jane Cook were commissioned to create permanent artworks which fit into ‘the grooves’ of 18 seat/planter units along Goodwood Road. Evoking the heritage, people, environment, spirit and aspirations of the Goodwood community, these unique brass, wood and ceramic sculptures take us on a diverse art trail along Goodwood Road.


Niche Market

10 artists were selected to create temporary artworks to be installed in 10 other seat/ planter units. Congratulations to artists Andrew McGowan, Anthea Fogarty, Cynthia Schwertsik, Helen Sherriff, Lillian Fellner, Nancy Downes, Rosana Cohen, Sarah-Jane Cook, Violet Cooper and Virginia Paterson for their works of art.


Welcome Mat

A series of individual art designs created by Ellen Schlobohm and fabricated and installed by Creative Pavements and MPS Paving Systems Australia will enliven six intersections along Goodwood Road bringing a whole new meaning to street art in Adelaide!


Post It

Post It sought individuals and groups to submit images that engage, intrigue, amuse and even challenge members of the public. These include drawings, paintings, original artworks, photos, or designs which express what makes Goodwood special. Check out our first rolling curated community art ‘pin-up board’ on the banner poles on the side streets of Goodwood Road. Thanks to our first set of participants: Capri Cinema, Cathy Heptinstall, Joe Maniscalco, Richard Maurovic, Studio Flamenco, Sally Findlay and Ian Buckland.

Photos: Sam Oster/ Silvertrace

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