Canberra Light Rail Route

Mitchell, ACT, Australia; Canberra, ACT, Australia; Lyneham, ACT, Australia; Braddon, ACT, Australia; City, ACT, Australia
Distance: 12 km
by Kristie Martin

Look out your train window as we travel along the newly opened first stage of Canberra’s Light Rail. Hi, I’m Kristie Martin, and I’ll be your riding-tour guide as we pass by some of Canberra’s well-known heritage, and some less obvious heritage places as well.

Canberra Light Rail Route - Cya On The Road

As Canberrans, we pride ourselves on our ‘bush capital’. The Light Rail project has touched parts of Canberra’s heritage along its route, some of which may be obvious to you, while others not so much. This has provided opportunities for our heritage places to be put in the spotlight and better protected and managed.

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