Colonial Jakarta-Batavia, Sunda Kelapa and vicinity

Jakarta Barat, JABODETABEK, Indonesia; Jakarta Utara, JABODETABEK, Indonesia
Est. 2.7km / 54 mins

Discover remnants of Indonesian colonial history, see some remains of the Dutch period. This audio tour will guide you through a part of Jakarta Kota, Old Batavia. You are going to see and learn about a selection of colonial buildings, streets, canals, squares and much more. The written texts as well as the audio are composed by Dirk Teeuwen in The Netherlands. He is the owner of most of the pictures. Do you want more information about the topics of this tour? Visit: Before and after the year of 1600 the Dutch arrived in Sunda Kelapa more or less regularly. Sunda Kelapa in those years was the harbour of Jayakarta in the Sultanate of Banten in Java. We are going follow some footsteps of the Dutch. We start the tour from Hotel Omni Batavia, now Hotel de Rivier, the Batavia Hotel”! Tip: Just get in a tuk tuk now and then. The climate is very hot. Now enjoy the tour!

Colonial Jakarta-Batavia, Sunda Kelapa and vicinity - Cya On The Road


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