Historical city tour Bogor

Bogor Kota, JABODETABEK, Indonesia
Est. 3.7km / 1 hr 45 mins / Map

Historical city tour Bogor - Cya On The Road

Who opens travel guides of West-Java in search of places of interest in Bogor, would be surprised. What is mostly written about Bogor is that the city is good to visit one or two days. It is recommended to visit the famous botanical gardens or to hike up mount Salak. It is written that Bogor does not offer much more. This tour aims to change that view. During the Dutch colonial time, Bogor was named Buitenzorg. This can be translated as "without worries". The city was the residence of the governor-general and was used as an escape from the dirty city Batavia, which we now know as Jakarta. At the end of the 19th century, Bogor obtained a certain status, with hotels, churches, government buildings, research buildings, and schools. Many of these objects are still there, although not always easily visible. They are especially hard to find if you walk or drive by fast in the immense traffic of the city.However, if you take your time and stand still to discover the city, you will be surprised. This tour provides a first glance of almost 30 interesting places and their history from the period 1850-1930. If you look through gates or enter buildings, you will be surprised by the hospitality of the city’s inhabitants and the enormous hidden history in this modern Indonesian city.We wish you a pleasant tour.

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