Pub crawling in London.

London, England, United Kingdom
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Pub crawling in London. - Cya On The Road

When it comes to history, London has lots of it and the same goes for pubs too! In fact, visiting some of the best-loved drinking dens in the English capital is one of the best ways to get to know the character of the city and to pick up some interesting historic facts too. In this tour we will be taking in some of the capital’s finest – and oldest - drinking establishments. From the place where the famous Mayflower ship began the first leg of its journey taking the Pilgrim Fathers over to America, to one of the most notorious highwayman’s pubs in the capital. You’ll be able to track down London’s oldest riverside pub, as well as what might well be the oldest drinking establishment in the entire city, plus the tour includes stop offs at some London drinking spots where historic speeches were written, literary clubs formed and famous tomes penned. Many of the pubs have substantially retained their original features and you can get a good idea of what it might have been like to share a table with Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or a boatload of pirates.There have been all sorts of drinking establishments in London over the years, from the inns and taverns that first got us into the habit of drinking publicly, to the Gin Palaces of the 1820s. Today, London has one of the finest bar cultures in the world, with everything from gastropubs to high-end cocktail bars to choose from. However, when it comes to drinking in a historic spot – where Queen Elizabeth I once danced around a cherry tree or where some of the literary greats of London propped up the bar – you just can’t beat an old London pub.This tour also covers some of the events and context that have influenced the development of London’s pubs. From the Great Fire of 1666 that forced many establishments to rebuild, to the brewing history that made the capital great and the contemporary bar culture that we have today, this tour covers it all. Just remember that you don’t need to visit all the pubs in one day…

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