York: chocolate, Vikings, ghosts & kings

York, England, United Kingdom
Est. 3.7km / 1 hr 20 mins / Map

York is an exciting city to visit and I'm delighted to be able to show you around. Not only is it rich in culture, history and heritage but there is also plenty going on. From festivals, arts and culture events, great shopping opportunities and some of the best tourist attractions in Europe (if not the world). York is full of interesting stories, spooky tales and fascinating historical characters. York was of course the inspiration behind the naming of New York city and state in America and the area has brought us the beloved Yorkshire Pudding, Yorkshire terriers and arguably the best cup of tea in Britain. You may be familiar with the Yorkshire Pudding as a delicious accompaniment to your roast beef, but true Yorkshire folk know that the pudding is just as good when served as a sweet treat with butter and sugar or even as a starter with a rich onion gravy. They call crumpets pikelets, and if they call you cock or cocker then it's only a term of affection. A number of celebrated characters from the Brontë sisters to Wallace and Gromit, David Hockney to Sean Bean, Kevin Keegan, Brian Blessed and Jarvis Cocker, Michael Parkinson and Alan Bennett all hail from Yorkshire. We're starting our walking tour at the York Brewery which is close to the train station, park and ride system and numerous car parks. We'll chat about the chocolate, meet some vikings, look out for ghosts and hear about murderous kings on this tour, but first of all let's talk about the renowned York Brewery. 

York: chocolate, Vikings, ghosts & kings - Cya On The Road

Photo:York_City_Walls_-_geograph.org.uk_-_589000.jpg Author:Lisa Jarvis Licensed under:CC-BY-SA-2.0 

Photo:Panorama of the River Ouse looking south from Lendal Bridge Author:Wjh31 Licensed under:CC BY 3.0

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